Make a Gratitude Month Envelope for Your Group

To make Gratitude Month envelopes for your group, print this PDF file and attach it to the front and back of a standard-size 9×12 Envelope.

One of the most satisfying things we receive in AA is humble gratitude that slowly fills our hearts as we continue, day by day, to live our program of recovery. Our return is rich. The seed we have planted is small — merely a willingness to be helped and in turn to help others. Our useless lives become useful. Our fears give way to serenity. Confusion is replaced with purpose. Wishes become actions. Existence becomes a daily adventure in living. 
Maintenance of our Madison Area Intergroup Central Office (MAICO) is costly. There are many expenses connected with running this office — so that MAICO can continue to provide a service to those in need. Even with ongoing donations received from area AA groups, MAICO has difficulty meeting its operational expenses. 
Gratitude Month – Was first officially recognized in 1956. As Bill W. urged in a letter, “Gratitude should go forward, rather than backward…..if you carry the message to still others, you will be making the best possible repayment for the help given to you.” 
This Is Our Appeal – Consider making a special contribution to assist MAICO in continuing to provide a service that is so important to our own sobriety and to those still suffering. There are some who can’t give at this time.  There are others who will be able to give much more. But no matter whether your contribution is large or small, it will be welcomed. And it will give each of us a tangible outlet to show the gratitude welling up in our hearts for the good life we are enjoying. 

Each Week During November an envelope may be circulated at those group meetings who wish to participate in this effort. Please consider making an extra contribution for this purpose by passing a Gratitude Month Envelope at your meeting.